﹡Product: Chrome Oxide Green (Pigment Grade)

﹡Executive Standard: HG/T2775-96

﹡Synonyms: Chromium (III) Oxide; Chromic Oxide

﹡Appearance: Green Powder

﹡Chemical characteristics:

Strong coloring strength and covering strength, good dispersion

insoluble in water and organic solvents. Micronsized.

﹡Chemically inert: only reacts with strong or oxidising acids and alkalis at elevated temperatures.


﹡Note: Detailed technical data such as color tone, grain size, tinting strength, PH Value are avai-lable upon request.

﹡Applications: used in pigment line. Paints & Coatings, Glaze stains, Body stains, Ceramic-glaze making, Printing ink, Colorants, Plastic and so on.

﹡Package: in plastic woven or complex packing, 25kg/bag. Or according to customers' requirements.

﹡Storage: The product should be stored in a dry place. .