﹡Product:Chrome Oxide Green (Refractory Grade)

﹡Synonyms:Chromium(III) Oxide;Chromic Oxide

﹡Chemical Formular: CR2O3

﹡Characteristics :high-quality refractory materials. melting point 2266degree, boiling point 4000 degree, stable in the atmosphere.

﹡CAS NO:1308-38-9

﹡Molecular Weight:151.99

﹡Particle Shape:Spheroridal

﹡Appearance:Green Power

﹡Chemicallly inert: only reacts with strong or oxidising acids and alkalis at elevated temperatures.

  Items Specifications
1 CR2O3 Min99.20%
2 Moisture Max0.15%
3 Water soluable salt Max0.1%
4 Residue
on sieve 45 µm
Max 0.5
5 Oil absorbtion 15-25
6 SiO2+AL2O3 Up to grade
7 Ph value 6-8

* Applications:excellent refractory material. make complex refractory material direct-ly in fire brick or used in electric melting line.

* Package : In plastic woven or complex packing, 25kgs/bag.

Or according to request.

* Storage :the product should be stored in a dry palce.